We take great pleasure in presenting to researchers, performers and the general public the Catalogue of Brazilian Sacred and Religious Music – Works from the 18th and 19th Centuries. It is the result of intense research efforts begun in 2007 as part of the post-graduation program of the Federal State University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO).

We hope the CMSRB will contribute towards promoting greater awareness and exposure of the sacred and religious repertoire of the past, encouraging further studies and performances of the works listed herein.

The catalogue’s online version, together with the print version, represents an ongoing research, ever subject to the inclusion of new items as they emerge or new publications as they are discovered, as well as further updating and reviewing of the information presented on the different fields. For that end, we rely on user input in letting us know where they find omissions, incorrect or outdated information and mistakes of any nature. We will be particularly grateful for any information that may lead to the inclusion of new publications. User feedback with regard to the ease or difficulty of consulting the resource is also crucial, so that we can keep on perfecting the search engine.

The print version of CMSRB, which was not on our original plan, stems from the unease generated by the absence of specialist consensus on the future of the internet and of all technology surrounding the tool. The paper version still seems to be the safest guarantee of longevity of the information herein. We realize that the print version, once published, results in the freezing of the information. The online version will always strive to address that deficiency.

Our thanks to all those who contributed directly or indirectly to the success of this work.

© 2017 Carlos Alberto Figueiredo | All rights reserved.